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Planning for your and your family’s future is important, no matter whether you have a significant amount of property or not. Equally important is planning for any potential incapacity.

Janke Law Firm offers a package of estate planning documents to its clients to adequately document their wishes in order to lessen the burden death or incapacity may cause on their loved ones, friends, or caretakers. This package includes:

  • A simple will
  • Statutory durable power of attorney
  • Medical power of attorney
  • HIPAA release
  • Directive to physicians
  • Declaration of guardian
  • Appointment of agent to control disposition of remains

We also offer these documents a la carte if you have already had some of them prepared.

We will also review your existing estate planning documents to determine whether they need to be updated and, of course, update them if you desire.

Either way, Janke Law Firm recommends these documents be prepared before any issues arise in order to lessen the burden those issues may present.