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Janke Law Firm prepares NFA trusts or “gun trusts” for clients interested in purchasing or manufacturing weapons or weapon parts covered by the National Firearms Act, including silencers/suppressors, short-barreled rifles, short-barreled shotguns, and fully automatic weapons (among other things).

It is important to form these kinds of trusts not only for the protection of clients who will be purchasing or manufacturing the NFA weapons, but also for anyone else who may use the weapons and/or be in “constructive possession” of them.

We ensure these trusts are drafted properly, as the consequences for not doing so are very serious, including a criminal conviction, prison time, a fine, and the inability to purchase firearms in the future.

We also ensure these trusts are coordinated with your other estate planning documents, if you have them.

If you are interested in forming one of these trusts or would like additional information about them, please let us know.